Not For Sale Ale To Arrive In Europe

 NFS Ale Photo copyOn Saturday, a new Not For Sale Ale will be released, the first of it’s kind outside of the US. This collaboration is a landmark for international collaboration in the fight to end human trafficking.

The idea for Not For Sale Ale began on an island in the Finnish archipelago. Ulf Stenerhag, CEO of Thurne Teknik, an international tech company based in Europe, held an internal workshop to drive the development of the company culture. The workshop culminated in the decision to delve deeper into the specific needs of the customers they support, and to assume responsibility for their community outside the limits of the company. Speakers were invited to inspire the employees to find ways to incorporate doing good into their daily lives, and because a portion of their business is to provide technical support to breweries, the employees decided to brew their own beer to get a better understanding of their customers’ needs and passion. Stenerhag did not foresee or intend that the two projects would progress into one.

Stenerhag met David Batstone, CEO of Not For Sale, at Tällberg Forum in Sweden – an international forum for world leaders, top business executives and influential thinkers to openly exchange ideas and experiences.  Stenerhag later invited Batstone to present at the first open seminar at his office in Stockholm, where they also started to discuss ideas for potential collaborations. “During this conversation, it dawned on me that there was an opportunity to both train ourselves to take responsibility and to work practically with process technology by making a beer together with David’s organization. It was an easy decision for us both.” Stenerhag admits. Inspired by the opportunity, they started to search for a partner who knew the craft of brewing. Monks Brewery was the missing link. Stenerhag and Batstone met with owner Recep Celik and the brewing master Charles Cassino who only minutes into the meeting were committed to creating a new Not For Sale Ale.

The brewing master prepared four different recipes for a panel of 20 beer experts, who selected one winning recipe to become the new Not For Sale Ale. Just days after the first bottles had been filled, the ale was served at the Swedish Royal Palace during Batstone’s speech at the Young Leadership Conference. The news about the unique ale that supports Not For Sale’s fight against human trafficking has spread fast, and orders have already started to come in even though the ale will not be launched until the end of the month. Restaurants in Sweden will start serving the beer this summer, and this fall Not For Sale Ale will compete in the Stockholm Beer Festival.  

The collaboration that created Not For Sale Ale has brought together stakeholders in a new unique way to address the issue of human trafficking. Thurne Teknik and Monks Brewery have generously contributed their time, expertise, and engaged their employees throughout the process to learn more about the issue. The project aims to raise funds for Not For Sale’s work around the world, and educate consumers about the existence of modern slavery in the 21st century.


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