Not For Sale: A Week in the News

By February 28, 2014 United States No Comments

James HigaIt’s been an inspirational week at Not For Sale. Riding the momentum of the Invention Hub launch and what former Apple executive James Higa called a “radical collaboration,” we’re excited about the story we’re bringing to the Bay Area. And we’re honored that two distinguished news sources have chosen to tell our story as well.

Last Friday, Forbes highlighted Not For Sale in an article about collaborative, mutually beneficial efforts in the interest of accomplishing great things. It’s the idea that our approach is based on: creatively intertwining the power of professional sports and business with the anti-slavery movement.

Yesterday, we shared the Wall Street Journal story on tech giant and former Apple executive James Higa, and how his story has intersected with ours. We’re joining forces with Higa and long-time partner company and venture capital firm Just Business for a radical collaboration connecting tech, startups, and leading corporations with the fight against human trafficking and poverty in San Francisco.

We’ve taken the fight against slavery full circle back to our hometown. Quoted in the Wall Street Journal story, Higa says it best: “We try to aspire to change the world but if we can’t even change our backyards, how can we aspire to change the world?”

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