Gala 2013: A night to end slavery

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We promised a Night to End Slavery, and the night exceeded even our biggest hopes.

The 2013 Not For Sale Gala brought together an international network of activists. On one night, in one room, hundreds of people who shared our vision gathered to stand against the $32 billion industry that enslaves over 30 million people worldwide.

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We celebrated our partnerships. Each year, Not For Sale presents the Abolition Award to a key partner involved in the global movement. Juniper Networks has set themselves apart through their thought leadership, and incorporation of technology, 

We saw hope unfold through story. Kru Nam, Not For Sale Thailand Director, poured out her heart to a captive audience, and guests got a glimpse of our impact through her moving words.employee engagement, and direct services to pioneer the fight against human trafficking.

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We empowered the future. Co-Founder and President David Batstone announced plans to bring the fight to our backyard. The Invention Hub  will pioneer ideas in the fight against human trafficking, and we’re piloting the program right here in the Bay Area.guests got a glimpse of our impact through her moving words.

Fighting slavery truly takes the work of a community, and we couldn’t have left more inspired by ours.   Fueled by passion, our supporters are committed to finding an innovative solution to human trafficking. It is because of you that we are able to continue our work, and together, we’re ending slavery.

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