Holiday Message from the Director of International Projects

By December 20, 2012 Thailand No Comments

As Director of International Projects at Not For Sale, I hear heartbreaking tales of exploitation from the people we serve around the world. Despite the many setbacks while fighting human trafficking, there are also stories of transformation and recovery for which we persevere. I want to share with you one inspiring story of a young survivor assisted through support from people like you.

Our Thailand outreach staff first encountered little Sarai in the busy market city of Mae Sai, a place where children and women are trafficked for sex and forced to beg. Only months old, Sarai was malnourished and physically abused. She had been forced to beg with her drug addicted mother for survival. When Sarai first came to our children’s home, doctors warned that she may never walk properly due to the abuse from an early age.

It’s been a joy to see Sarai grow and develop through the care and services provided by Not For Sale Thailand. She now runs and plays as a free child and has enrolled in kindergarten where she is learning English. Sarai’s mother, with the support of our staff, has successfully broken her heavy drug habit and lives nearby her daughter.

Sarai was fortunate to receive the opportunity for a new life, but many more children just like her remain trapped in slavery. Will you help us continue to bring freedom to Sarai and others like her? Make a contribution this holiday season, and enable us to make a difference in the lives of many.

On behalf of our international team, I thank you for empowering our work around the world.

Christina Hebets
Director of International Projects
Not For Sale

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