Financial Training Begins In India

This week we are delighted to share the incredible progress that is being made by survivors currently enrolled in personal finances classes, part of the Not For Sale skills training and job placement program in India. 

India has a long and complicated history with human trafficking and exploitation in general. Many Indians travel to Delhi from around the country in the hope of finding work. As a result many enter exploitative jobs or worse still, become trafficked into forced labour or prostitution. Not For Sale research this year indicates that in the case of women, the majority are manipulated by traffickers who who promise work and a better life in the capital. Although India continues to work towards gender equality in society, challenges are ongoing, even for those rescued from circumstances of trafficking and there is always the fear that a lack of holistic care could lead to women being re-trafficked. 

Not For Sale in India works with clothing manufacturer OpenHand to provide job training, employment, and transitional housing for women survivors of exploitation. The training program provides language skills training and financial training. Specifically, the financial training teaches the women, for the first time, how to manage their newly recurring and dignified income that they receive. They are able to open their own bank accounts and in doing so are empowered to take complete control of their own money, enabled to plan spending better and save safely and consistently for the future needs of their families. More Not For Sale research has shown that women enrolled in the program have reported a new-found sense of pride in the contribution that their earnings bring and an elevated level of respect within their families, as providers of dignified income. However, through the Not For Sale training program in place in India, eight women so far this year have been able to move from the point of absolutely exploitation to complete control of their futures in full autonomy, potentially stopping the cycle of exploitation that many fall into. 

This is just one example of the continued progress in India and such a trend promises to remain. In the coming weeks Not For Sale aims to open the second transition house. We promise to keep you updated on the progress. However, to learn more about our ventures in India now, click here. 

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