Karina’s Letter

Karina is a survivor of trafficking from Romania. She is assisted by Not For Sale’s partner shelter in Romania, where she continues her process of rehabilitation. Last week, we received this letter from Karina. The letter has been translated from Romanian.

Dear Not For Sale Romania,

Perhaps you will be surprised to receive this letter. Not often will people admit that indifference, lack of care and insensitivity of life, family, and human society leads us into bad ways.

Yes, I am one of the girls who ended in the hand of the traffickers, traffickers who exploit our naiveté and the lack of experience, and from whom we end up becoming slaves in the sex industry.  These people, whose indifference and the lack of humanity are the moral authors who stole our childhood.

I was lucky. I was discovered by the Romanian Police and referred to Not For Sale Romania. I was in my first days at the shelter when the Not For Sale team visited.

Today I wish to thank you because due to this organization, I have been able to attend school and a skill qualification course, and most importantly to find the support in the organization that helped me feel born again; to discover myself. Years will pass and I would like to tell you that the investment that you have made in me and in others girls, it wasn’t a waste of time.

We gratify you by becoming an honest person within the society, and we will go forward because of the important work you do. A big thank you because you exist through the people who represent you.

– Karina

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