A Time For Celebration In Romania: Construction Of Farm Completed This Year

We are pleased to report that Not For Sale will complete construction at the farm in Romania this year. Construction began only in the fall of 2011 and after continuous hard work on the ground, survivors of trafficking can now begin a more holistic approach to their rehabilitation. The farm itself has been primarily funded by and shows the commitment and diversity of our partners, who are working with us towards the same goal: stopping modern-day slavery in Romania

The farm at Not For Sale Romania provides a safe place to live first and foremost as well as access to healthcare and education for survivors of trafficking. However, in order to help reintegrate survivors into society the farm allows them to gain valuable life skills and job training. More recently, Not For Sale Romania has been able to diversify its income and continue on the road towards self-sustainability. 

Through the farm and six greenhouses, Not For Sale Romania has been able to produce milk, cheese, and jams as well as a catering service to the local community. Survivors on the farm work within an environment that has otherwise been denied from them. The catering service itself provides meals, using ingredients sourced on the farm, for the elderly in the area who cannot cook themselves. By the end of 2013, the farm aims to employ 50 people, all of whom earn a dignified wage that empowers them to become reintegrated into the Romanian workforce, all whilst they receive vital psychological support after the traumatic experiences they have been witnessed to. 

The success of the farm so far has also allowed Not For Sale Romania to open a social center for survivors of human trafficking. As a part of the outreach branch of Not For Sale Romania, the center also acts as a welcoming environment for survivors who have just recently arrived, whilst also providing jobs and income to help support others.  

The construction of the farm is truly an opportunity for us to celebrate, and an opportunity for us to thank our staff on the ground in Romania and The significance of its construction is incredible. Not For Sale Romania receives a steady flow of survivors each quarter, and whilst we are always accommodating of every person we serve, we do attempt to stop the root causes of trafficking in the region, such as poverty. Through these opportunities and partnerships, Not For Sale is able to break the cycle of exploitation and help alleviate the high level of poverty in the region. 

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