Not For Sale President David Batstone Among Experts To Meet With The UN

By November 20, 2012 Free2Work, News No Comments

This week, over 20 corporate, government, labor union and NGO leaders from around the globe gathered at the United Nations General Assembly expert group meeting on Human Trafficking & Global Supply Chains. President and Co-Founder of Not For Sale, David Batstone, was among these specialists for the two-day event. It was here that the most comprehensive look at any sector’s corporate responsibility to date, Apparel Industry Trends: From Farm to Factorywas released.

According to the UN News Centre, Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, stated that “Supply chains in the global economy are of often complex and involve multiple layers of sub-contractors, which hampers the monitoring and reporting process.” 

Through platforms such as Free2Work, which has provided supply chain reports spanning nearly 600 brands, Not For Sale has been a key player in the revolution to transform consumer culture and are continually striving for corporations to have ethical supply chains from the start. David Batstone said, “You can’t just ask companies to think outside the box, sometimes you have to demonstrate that this is how it can be done and this is the future of commerce. This is the future that consumers want to buy…If [corporations] see you are doing something innovative, they’ll jump on it.”

Click here to view Not For Sale’s latest Apparel Industry Trends report, and here for the full coverage of the UN’s anti-human trafficking gathering. 


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