Sustainable Energy For A Sustainable Future

Not For Sale Thailand has recently partnered with Panels for Progress, an organization that installs community solar projects in developing countries, and First Solar, a leading global provider of PV solar systems, to supply the Children’s Home with sustainable energy. This most recent development is another in a line of improvements at the Children’s Home, allowing it to become an even more beneficial environment for the children we assist. 

Not For Sale Thailand’s Children’s Home has provided short and long term care hundreds of  stateless children in Northern Thailand since 2007. Stateless people, not recognized by the Thai or Burmese government, are ineligible for social services and not afforded the opportunity to work legally. Many stateless families are thus forced to find illicit means of income. Parents of children are often exploited through drug trafficking and forced begging. More frequently than not, the children follow suit, further exacerbating the cycle of exploitation stateless people have suffered for centuries.

Thus, when children come to the home it is of the utmost importance that Not For Sale provide them with services in the most safe and empowering environment possible. The recent implementation of solar panels will allow Not For Sale, with the help of Panels For Progress and First Solar, to make the Children’s Home more economically and environmentally sustainable. The panels can provide up to 25 years of free electricity and the ground mounted system will not only provide for the existing 125 children we currently assist, but potentially 100 more. This will reduce the disproportionately high electricity costs, thereby enabling us to direct our resources to building more robust rehabilitation and education services for the children. In addition, the project will pave the way for implementing more renewable energy projects in the surrounding area through education and increased awareness, as well as promote sustainable, clean energy throughout the community. 

Already at the Children’s Home this year , vital rebuilding to the chicken coop and pig pen, which was destroyed in storms, has been completed. And along with the purchase of land purchased next to the Children’s Home, hundreds of formally exploited children are now being taught valuable life and job skills in sustainable agricultural practices. 

On November 1st and 2nd Not For Sale Thailand director and Thai abolitionist Kru Nam will speak about her experiences rescuing and providing services for stateless children at Not For Sale’s Global Forum. To register for Global Forum click here!

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