Obama’s Executive Order Supports Supply Chain Initiatives

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President Obama announces efforts to combat Human Trafficking at home and abroad

Earlier this week, President Obama announced several initiatives involving businesses’ supply chains that will strengthen his zero-tolerance policy of human trafficking in the United States. Not For Sale has been a key player in presenting corporations with new supply chain standards and working them through the transformative process.

 “We are excited about the President’s announcement and the momentum it represents,” said David Batstone, president and co-founder of Not For Sale.

The President’s order also included a renewed partnership with Humanity United, major funders of Not For Sale’s Free2Work. The platform provides businesses with tools and resources to remove child and forced labor from their supply chains, and exists as a mobile application that informs consumers of standards behind the products they purchase. Since 2008, Not For Sale has extensively researched over 600 brands and currently provides published grades for over 300 brands in 14 different industries. These reports, graded on a scale of A through F, reflect the quality of each company’s supply chain, measuring policies, transparency, monitoring systems, and workers’ rights.

Along with Free2Work, Not For Sale’s influence has stretched into several key corporate partnerships including Juniper Networks, Latham & Watkins,, AllSaints Spitalfields and EILEEN FISHER. In addition to generously contributing to Not For Sale’s fight against slavery, these corporations are leading advocates for the anti-human trafficking movement in their respective arenas.

 Not For Sale leads by example; the organization has developed its own supply chains in Peru and the Netherlands through new social enterprises. “You can’t just ask companies to think outside the box,” Batstone said. “Sometimes you have to demonstrate by example what can and should be done. Ethical supply chains are the future of commerce. This is what consumers want to buy.”

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