From Amsterdam: First Women Join HOME Soup Training

The first women have started training at HOME enterprise this month. Each of the four formerly exploited women; hailing from Africa, Eurasia and Eastern Europe, who are taking part in the first round of training through Not For Sale Amsterdam have reported that they are thrilled to be a part of the HOME team.

HOME, a concept that was first developed at the Montara Circle in Amsterdam last September, tells the story of how NFS is combining business with social service to address the exploitation of women trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the Netherlands.

Toos Heemskerk, the Not For Sale Amsterdam Director, observed that access to nutritious meals was a problem for women working in prostitution. Many women said that they were working 8 – 12 hour shifts, sometimes even longer, having just eaten bread or instant soup. Often women are charged outrageous fees to have food delivered to their brothel window. Not For Sale developed HOME to be able to provide nutritious soups at an affordable price directly to those working in prostitution.

At the same time this business model allows NFS to offer survivors of slavery and exploitation an opportunity to work in the HOME kitchen where they are offered dignity and a fresh start while also learning basic cooking and catering skills. According to Toos Heemskerk, the goal of the training is to offer each woman, no matter her story, the chance to experience a normal working environment where she is respected and protected. The women will be sharing soup recipes from their home country, which she will make alongside the HOME soup chef later this month.

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