From Thailand: Everyone Should Be Free2Play

The 130 children rescued from exploitation at Kru Nam’s village in Northern Thailand are set to take part in a very special annual Free2Play camp. For the next three days, 20 volunteers from three continents will lead workshops in sports, music, and art. David Batstone, NFS’ President and Co-Founder, will participate in the camp along with his family. Batstone states this is the most important, memorable, and moving week of the entire year.

NFS believes play is an important tool for rehabilitation. A member of the NFS Thailand staff said, “We’ve never had an adequate place to play sports with the kids before. This has really improved the services we’re able to provide to them and have seen their behavior improve. Usually, only the boys liked to play sports, but, now, the girls like to play, too. Sports therapy is especially good for our children who have mental or physical disabilities.”

One child said, “I like playing soccer with my friends and shooting hoops. I used to see other kids play basketball [when I begged for money on the streets in Mae Sai] and I always wanted to play. I always have fun when I play sports in my free time and after school.” – Age 10

The children, youth, workers, and volunteers are excited for the games to begin.

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