Freedom Sunday 2012 | Celebration and Action

Setting the captives free is part of the DNA of the church, according to NFS President Dave Batstone, who is “convinced that the church should be not only involved in, but leading abolitionist work in their own backyards and across the globe.” From the plains of Ghana to the mountain peaks of Nepal; from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the fjords of Norway, faith communities across the globe worshipped in solidarity this past Sunday, promoting the collective message of freedom.  Over 5,000 churches celebrated Freedom Sunday on February 26, using worship as a catalyst to transform the world. Freedom Sunday is an opportunity to sustain the freedom-focused preaching and worship, and translate it into “hope-infused, prayer-filled smart activism”.

Yet Freedom Sunday is only the beginning.

As a modern-day embodiment of biblical justice, Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church in Michigan is the quintessential model for using the momentum generated on Freedom Sunday for broader and deeper engagement.  Responding to the undisputable assertion that no one should be for sale, Spring Arbor has assembled an action team to create avenues to end modern-day slavery and also collaborates with the students at Spring Arbor University across the street.  In the past few months alone, Spring Arbor has fundraised $5,000 through organizing a 5k run, hosted an ethically-sourced chocolate campaign, and sent representation to the Asia Pacific Forum on Human Trafficking in Thailand.

Following on the heels of Freedom Sunday, Mark Wexler, Executive Director and Co-founder of Not For Sale, will present at Spring Arbor on February 29, followed by Kevin Austin, Director of the Abolitionist Faith Community, from March 7-9.  In 2012, Not For Sale seeks to engage communities around the United States and the world, equipping individuals with innovative and practical solutions, and empowering them to work against the prevalence of modern-day slavery in their own backyards.

If you are interested equipping your community with the knowledge and action steps needed to end modern-day slavery, consider hosting a Not For Sale speaker or workshop. Over five different workshops are offered by Not For Sale, ranging from faith-based activism to recognizing the red flags of human trafficking activity in one’s own community.

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