From Amsterdam: Collaborating to Create New Futures

The Not For Sale Netherlands team has been working around the clock to launch a catering project in Amsterdam’s red light district.  Once women have escaped exploitative situations, they often have no place to go, no marketable skills, and no option but to fall back into prostitution.

Not For Sale’s new catering project will employ such women, giving them a viable alternative to prostitution. The project will also empower the women through nutrition, healthcare, and training for job skills.  Meanwhile, Not For Sale Netherlands will learn more about the women’s backgrounds, collecting data that will inform the organization’s future projects.

Thanks to support from various organizations, and most recently from Dutch restaurant chain Soup en Zo, the catering project is becoming a reality. Soup en Zo is thrilled to work with Not For Sale Netherlands, offering to assist in the training and establishment of the innovative program. Recently, members from Soup en Zo and Not For Sale Netherlands went shopping together, purchasing essential supplies for the new kitchen. And to top off its generosity, Soup en Zo made a donation of five hundred disposable soup bowls to the new catering project.

This week, one of the chefs from Soup en Zo will train the Not For Sale Netherlands team in the art of making delicious, healthful soup.

Stay tuned for updates on the development of this unique enterprise. Thank you for supporting the work of Not For Sale as we create new futures for survivors of slavery.

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