And the Winner Is…

Not For Sale is pleased to announce the winner of Hack Forth and Multiply, a high-profile 24-hour design challenge that took place from 12pm Feb 1st to 12 pm Feb 2nd, 2012. The global competition gave designers an opportunity to use their creative skills towards Not For Sale’s catering program in Amsterdam.

The catering program employs survivors of human trafficking, offering support and lasting job skills in catering to prevent further exploitation.  As many as 25,000 to 30,000 women living in the Netherlands have been forced into prostitution against their will, with at least 70% of them being foreigners. The program aims to provide opportunities for these women to leave prostitution by giving them jobs, employable skills, nutrition and basic healthcare.

With just 24 hours, the artists were required to come up with a name for the catering venture, to create its brand identity, and to develop a communication strategy for the project.

A panel of experienced designers and marketers from around the world judged the entries based on three criteria– relevance, impact, and craft. While there were many promising submissions, only three were awarded with the top prizes.

First prize was awarded to Marc Connell for his winning “Home” design. Connell created the brand identity for the catering program around the idea of “Home” as a safe environment and a place of security and refuge. He said that it was a “place for opportunity and a better future.” The “o” in “Home” represented inclusivity, a protective boundary and completeness. The protective circle, which served as a symbol for exploited women, was meant to represent community and integrity. Connell was awarded two iPads and the opportunity to further develop his design idea with Not For Sale.

Zara Archer was awarded second prize with £1,000 and a six-month design placement at one of the UKs top broadcasters. Third prize went to Samuel Nudds, who was given £500 and a one-month internship with social company Betaburo.

Not For Sale would like to thank all designers and design students that participated in the competition for playing a part in the creation of new futures and opportunities for women in forced prostitution in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Click here for more information about Not For Sale’s catering program in Amsterdam.

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