Crisis Center Benefits Survivors Like Elizabeth

Not For Sale South Africa recently announced the exciting news that they have secured property in Cape Town for a new crisis center. The new center will be entirely funded by the proceeds raised at the recent Passion 2012 and will provide immediate services and care for newly rescued survivors.

Not For Sale believes that the care and stability of survivors is the highest priority and that immediate aid could significantly boost the number of survivors willing to report their stories to law enforcement.  Such a development would directly increase the number of convictions.

The beginning vision for the crisis center started with 17-year-old Elizabeth, a survivor of human trafficking. Last year, the Not For Sale South Africa team was notified that Elizabeth desperately needed a safe place after her recent trauma. Although the team acted as quickly as possible to secure a safe location, it took a significant amount of time due to the limited resources allocated towards victims – especially minors – of human trafficking.  By the time the Not For Sale staff sat with Elizabeth in the initial interview, she was withdrawn and fearful, suffering from trauma; unable to shower, change her clothes, or have a safe place to go.

Elizabeth’s story tumbled out in bits and pieces during the shelter intake process. She had been tricked into becoming a domestic slave and eventually became victim to a man who promised to help get her home but instead raped her and stole the last of her few possessions.

Girls like Elizabeth should not have to wait to receive the necessary and immediate assistance after their traumatic experiences. They should have a haven to go to – one where they feel welcomed and safe, able to rest their heads, cleanse themselves, and experience kindness before the arduous process of being placed in a safe house for long-term care.

Not For Sale is happy to report that Elizabeth is recovering from the trauma. We will be reporting on the development of the crisis center as we seek to help women like Elizabeth and other victims of human trafficking who are in need of a place for immediate emergency care. For more information about the Crisis Center, click here. For more information about Not For Sale South Africa, click here. To aid the funding of Not For Sale’s programs around the globe, please click here.

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