Updates from Around the Globe

Not For Sale is pleased to bring you a few snapshots from some of our international projects around the globe.

The movement to re-abolish slavery is continuously gaining momentum, and Not For Sale is committed to creating new futures for survivors of human trafficking.

South Africa

Not For Sale South Africa recently assisted and sheltered two college-educated Ugandan women who narrowly avoided human trafficking. The women fled Uganda and entered South Africa illegally because their aunts wanted to perform female genital mutilation on them. The girls went to South Africa because they had heard there were excellent employment opportunities. However, upon arrival, the girls came into contact with a trafficker who tried to force them to become prostitutes or to sell their organs. The young friends managed to escape to a Ugandan church, which contacted Not For Sale to help. The team in South Africa provided shelter to the women and is currently helping them to apply for refugee status.

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In the first nine months of 2011, Not For Sale Romania has supported more than 52 men, women, and children who have been trafficked from Afghanistan, Cameroon, Bolivia, Tunisia, and Romania into Western Europe. Among the survivors at NFS Romania is 16-year-old Maria. The teenager was adopted when she was six, after being abandoned by her birth mother and living the early years of her life in an orphanage. As a young teenager, she was sold and forced into prostitution by a “friend” who later attempted to take her to Western Europe. One day Maria confided in a client, informing him that she was only a minor, despite what her trafficker claimed. The client helped her to escape, and she is currently recuperating and working with Not For Sale Romania to testify against her trafficker. The team in Romania is helping Maria regain a stable life. Now, she enjoys traditional teenage pastimes such as going to the movies, visiting museums, and learning to cook. She is also taking vocational courses in cosmetology, and she started school in September.

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Meanwhile, in Thailand, Kru Nam and the kids have started an exciting small farming project. The survivors recently began growing their own vegetables and raising pigs and chickens. The animals provide both eggs and meat, and they teach the children to care for other living things. A generous local company donated their chicken cage and agreed to maintain it regularly, on the condition that the chickens are properly taken care of. The eggs are eaten at the children’s home, but any extra produce is taken to the local market where it is sold to create revenue. To ensure the egg production is a success, two young boys have been declared the managers. Every day they count their eggs and keep track of the chickens and revenue.

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