I am not for sale. You are not for sale. No one should be for sale.

If you live in Japan feel that you are being trafficked or put in the state of slavery, or if you know someone who is in such condition, call “110” for the Police.

Or, call the YORISOI Hotline Toll-Free Number, “0120-279-338” and press “2” after the Japanese guidance for other foreign languages.  They will assist you with whatever help you would need.  (Your privacy will be protected.) For Japanese information, see the Yorisoi Hotline website.

To End Human Trafficking… Everybody Can Do Something!

It is a reality that human beings are merchandized.  While illegal everywhere in the world, why is this crime still thriving?

Poverty, war, economic disparity, crime syndicates, police corruption….you can name many causes.  And Japan, a wealthy, developed nation ruled by law, is not insusceptible to this crime.  Rather, Japan is criticized by many other countries for being a major destination of  trafficking victims.  Yet, very few people in Japan know about it.  This ignorance is one of the main factors that allow the crime to thrive.

In Japan, there ARE NGOs to fight against human trafficking.  There ARE some researchers, lawyers and government officials who are active and enthusiastic about solving the problem.  But not many people support their effort.  That is why we want to be the cheerleaders of those proponents, so that people would notice this issue and eventually increase the number of people who act to solve the problem.

In the United States, where the Federal Government actively leads the movement, there are many NGOs who act against trafficking.  Among them, what makes Not For Sale unique is its belief, “Everybody can do something,” and its real and practical actions to ask for help from people in various positions and occupations.  Such people from the apparel industry, rock bands, athletes, etc., who, at the first glance, hardly seem to be involved in this type of movement, have joined the cause, and been contributing in their own fields with their respective expertise, to end slavery together in our life time!

We, as a member of NFS team, would like to work together with you, from various corners of society.  Welcome to the movement!

Mariko Yamaoka
Director, Not For Sale Japan  

About Not For Sale Japan

Not For Sale Japan is the Japan Chapter of the International NGO Not For Sale, based in CA, USA, working to eradicate human trafficking.

Vision of Not For Sale Japan

We share NFS’s vision: to end the modern-day slavery, human trafficking, in the world and Japan.

Mission of Not For Sale Japan

While supporting various projects NFS is deploying around the globe, we will utilize its tools to solve trafficking problems that are unique to Japan.

Although Japan is criticized as one of the biggest destination countries of human trafficking, its society’s awareness level is still very low and government effort is far behind other countries.  We especially want to let people know about the situation, so our primary purpose is a raising awareness campaign.

Past Events of Not For Sale Japan


  • Japanese edition of Not For Sale by David Batstone was published.


  • Batstone, founder of NFS, visited Japan.
  • Mark Wexler, co-founder of NFS, visited Japan.  NFSJ launched.
  • Joint Meeting with YWAM Toronto
  • NFSJ Staff Caitlin Potter gave speech at Guest Speakers Session a Tokai Univ.
  • Interviewed Mr. Torii of SNMJ and ex-interns with YWAM Toronto team, regarding Foreign Trainees Program. (See Report on the meeting with Mr. Ippei Torii)


  • Freedom Sunday presentations by Yamaoka and Potter.
  • Yamaoka gave presentation at Zankyo-Juku

Supporting Companies and Organization

Wesley Foundation in Japan

The Body Shop, Aeon Forest Co., LTD.

MINISTOP Fair Trade Lab.

Latham & Watkins Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise