Not For Sale Not For Sale equips and mobilizes Smart Activists to re-abolish slavery.
Student Abolitionist Movement Help raise awareness and support Not For Sale programs by joining high school and college activists from all over the world.
Not For Sale Academy Learn how to be come a Smart Activist to fight Modern-Day Slavery by attending the Not For Sale Abolitionist Academy.
Free2Play Use sports to raise awareness and funds to help end slavery locally and globally.
Free2Work Engage with companies and consumers with information on how forced and child labor are a part of our culture.
Abolitionist Faith Community Network with members of the faith community to raise awareness locally in order to provide support that creates a world where slaves are set free and survivors can thrive.
Not For Sale Fellowship Spend six months working at Not For Sale headquarters.
International Projects Support programs around the world that provide safety, services and long-term security to survivors of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.
Not For Sale Store Every purchase you make is an action to end slavery.
These icons will indicate the number of action steps that are tailored for you.

Want to get involved with Not For Sale? Want to be a part of the modern-day abolitionist movement? Not sure how to get started? This tool is designed to help identify which Not For Sale projects and programs are best suited for you.

By answering a few questions, the tool can tailor a list of action steps that will best help you get involved. Begin by choosing which areas of society you identify yourself, then you can refine your results by answering further questions about time commitment, community engagement, financial support and leadership. Let's get started!

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